Shopping tips

【How to login as a member? 】

   Computer version: Click on the upper right corner of the webpage to login as a member.
Mobile version: Click on the upper right corner of the page to login to the member or click the Menu icon in the upper right corner and login for the members under the account.

【How to register as a member? 】

Computer version: Click on the upper right corner of the webpage to use e-mail and use Facebook to register website members.
Mobile version: Click in the upper right corner of the webpage to register as a member or click the Menu icon in the upper right corner and click [New User Registration] under the account to register website members using e-mail and Facebook.

【Is the order established? 】
Login to the e-mail box filled in when the member is ordering, the title of the letter is [home+y official shopping website] Thank you for your order.

【Shopping Method】
home+y provide you with a convenient and fast way to shop. You can use "FB login" and "LINE login" to bind your account or register as a member, which is convenient for inquiring about orders!

shopping process:
Purchase goods>Shopping cart>Order checkout>Fill in information>Order completed

【How to track the progress of the order?】
Regarding the shipment progress of the product, you can click "Check" after selecting the order number in My Account>Order>

【How to cancel an order? 】
Due to the system, the guest cannot cancel the order manually, please use the following 2 methods to inform us.
Call application: 02-27935416 (service time 10:00-18:00, noon break time: 12:00-13:30, except national holidays)
Message application: My Account> Orders> Select the order number and click "Check"> Seller and Customer Order Communication "Message Description" and click "Send".
*If after inquiry, the order cancellation rate exceeds 50%, the store has the right to no longer serve you, please go to the physical purchase

【This website reserves the right to ship or not 】

If the goods cannot be shipped due to factors such as out of stock, discontinued production, defects or system problems, this site will choose one of the following (phone/text/email) to contact the customer to cancel the order, or arrange the shipment of the goods with no problems in the order .

In addition, due to different shipping methods, the cancellation order processing method is as follows:

1. Checkout with credit card: After contacting the customer, the order will be cancelled directly, and the refund will be refunded.

2. Use superstore to pick up and pay: After contacting the customer, the order will be cancelled directly.

3. If the account return rate is too high, after review, the account with too many returns will be locked by the system and cannot be purchased.

【Shipping method & shipping days】

Shipping procedures cannot be carried out on holidays and national holidays, please pay special attention.

(After the order is sent, if you need to modify the receiving information or specify the arrival time, please contact us directly and we will handle it for you as soon as possible)

(When using the "7-11 Superstore Pickup", the Superstore will verify the identity certificate. Please be sure to fill in the "real name" to avoid returning the goods due to discrepancies in identity verification after arriving at the store)

【Superior Information】

Due to the volume limitation of 7-11 parcels, those who purchase more products, need to pack two gift boxes or larger products, please choose "Delivery to Home".

If the order exceeds the volume limit, the assistant will notify you to cancel the order and re-order. The store cannot change the content of the order. If the original discount activity has ended, it cannot be extended to the new order.

The store that cancels the order cannot make a reservation. If the reordered product is sold out, the home+y official shopping website is not responsible. Please be sure to comply with the overtake usage regulations.

【Gift Voucher】

The Gift Voucher can only be discounted by 10% of the order amount.

【Gift Box Service】

home+y official shopping website of Xuanwu provides thoughtful gift-giving service, and one free gift box packaging for a single purchase of $2500 or more.

If you need a gift, please add a gift in the order remarks column, and we will include a bag at the time of shipment.

If the single amount is less than $2500, guests who need to give gifts please add the gift requirements in the order remarks column, and purchase the [home+y gift box and bag required for gifts].


For details, please refer to the instructions for return and refund.

【Intimate reminder】

We "will not call you on the initiative" and do not operate the ATM according to the instructions of the call.

If you receive a suspected fraudulent call, please contact customer service as soon as possible or dial the 165 anti-fraud number.

165 Anti-fraud Consultation Hotline Related Information

165 official website:

165 Facebook:

165 APP: http;//

165LINE: @tw165

If you have any other questions, please use our facebook instant customer service system, click "Contact the owner" in the upper right corner of the website to send a message, or call our customer service line (02-2793-5416), we will answer you as soon as possible!

home+y official shopping website of Xuanwu Customer service hours: Monday to Friday 10:00-18:00