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關於 home+y

此網站由Hallmark Babies台灣團隊精心打造全新子品牌,

以 home 為基礎,打造一個像家一樣溫馨的空間,

home + y 其寓意是保證我們能以家人的角度提供安全且健康的產品,


home + y 自世界各地引進傑出、優質經典、獨特的品牌,



About  home+y

This website is a new sub-brand created by the hallmark babies Taiwan team.

To home-based, to create a space as cozy as home, the meaning of home + y is to ensure that we can provide safe and healthy products from the perspective of the family. At the same time, also want to give you a comfortable shopping environment.

home+y has introduced outstanding, high-quality and unique brands from all over the world, combined with diverse products from pregnancy to baby birth, provide you with complete care and make your life full of surprise.