Return Policy

【Refund application】

  • home+y chooses the official shopping network to provide a "return, not exchange" return service. Please re-order the correct product directly to save the time spent on shipping back and forth, and avoid waiting due to out of stock. If you want to order the size is out of stock, it is recommended that you can refer to other products!
  • Consumers enjoy a 7-day acooling-off period (counted from the date of receipt of the product, including holidays). If you want to return the product, you must ensure that it is in a brand new state. Please keep the integrity of the product, original packaging and accessories, gifts, and invoices , If all the contents of this order package are not properly packaged and sent back intact, you need to ask you to make up for the postage at your own expense. (Special reminder, the invoice issued with the goods should also be sent back together).
  • Based on the principle of personal hygiene, personal products (bottles, pacifiers, etc.) cannot be returned or exchanged. However, they still enjoy the after-sales service for the return and exchange of new products with defects, and please complete them within 7 days; general products (clothes, pants, etc.) If it is stained or has been washed, it cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Remind you! Protruding stitches or color difference on the screen is not a product defect. If it is not a product defect, the return shipping must be borne by the consumer.
  • If you enjoy product discounts, full consumption (full items) discounts/gifts (including discount coupons) provided by the store when you order, if you want to apply for a return, you need to return the entire transaction discount and the accompanying products in full to facilitate processing.
  • All return applications, please complete within 7 days after arrival! We will not accept returns after receiving the goods within 7 days!
  • If you frequently return or exchange products, or if the products are dirty or damaged due to personal factors, or abuse, or deliberately make things difficult to request replacement, the store has the right to no longer serve you.
  • Return and exchange services are not provided for overseas orders in non-Taiwan regions.







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Return and exchange application